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Let’s go through all the stages from the idea to the launch of your product, step by step!

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It all starts with an idea!

At this stage, we need to find out the main starting points to get started, such as:

  • First of all, it’s the main idea of ​​a product, and especially the general user’s problem.
  • Target audience
  • Main competitors
  • Client goals

To simplify and speed up this process, all you need is to fill in the brief and user portraits in the appropriate section of our website.

As a result of close cooperation with the client at this stage, the idea turns into the problem statement. It’s the first step in transforming user problems into the client’s goals.


The second and probably the main stage of creating a new product is research. At this stage, we conduct various studies, test hypotheses in the early stages, and try to focus on what the project should be and what will be the process of its development. The better we understand the user, his problem, and possible scenarios of interaction with the app, the easier it will be to find optimal solutions to solve his problem. At this stage, we often use – design thinking, quantitative and qualitative researches.

The main focus is to turn all possible findings into relevant insights.


The stage of concept development is one of the most interesting because all the sketches and ideas become something more real.

At this stage, we develop wireframes and create prototypes. It will help us to test our hypotheses with real users’ help at the early stages.

As a result, we will check:

  • user scenarios
  • ease of use
  • ease of understanding by the user
  • and get early feedback on the app

Having finished with the concept – it is time to move on to the next stage – design!


At this stage, wireframes turn into beautiful design layouts!

The process of creating a design:

  • Collecting a mood board
  • Searching for special styles
  • New UI
  • Micro animations
  • Creating a design system
  • Design tests on real users
  • And preparation of design specs and documentation for developers.

Well-prepared documentation will allow your developers to develop your application quickly and as close as possible to the design layouts.


The development of the app is the final stage before launch, but not the last.

And in order not to get stuck at this stage for a long time, we use SCRUM to organize and speed up the development process. We develop a roadmap and divide it into sprints. And let’s go!

Working in this way, the client receives:

  • Regular reports of development progress
  • Participates in work planning
  • Participates in retrospectives

Of course, each stage of development requires new tests, both internal and with real users. Moving step by step, the long-awaited moment comes – the birth of the new app!

And that’s all?

Of course, this is not the end, but only the beginning of a new stage of application development! And there will be many iterations of usability improvement and user tests ahead. But we sincerely believe that trustful collaboration with our clients is the key to a long and well-built business relationship!

Recent works.

Full descriptions of the products we develop and engaging case studies will come soon.


A new era in mycotoxin detection.

Bio sens is a Ukrainian startup that develops a portable system for testing crops to detect mycotoxins.

Mobile app Web app Device menu

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Pocket bank

Fintech web & mobile app



Designed for agronomists and agricultural companies management.

  • Satellite crop monitoring
  • Filed work monitoring
  • Finance management
  • Reporting and notification system


Cloud file manager mobile app


Social media case study

More projects and case studies will come soon.

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