Bio sens is a Ukrainian startup that develops a portable system for testing crops to detect mycotoxins. Their device allows you to check the collected samples of crops directly on the field, farm, or elevator and get the result within 15 minutes.

The world’s simplest way
to detect crop toxins

Global problem

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds naturally produced by certain types of molds. When mycotoxins enter the food supply, they can spread quickly at every point along the chain, affecting everyone from farmers and grain mills to consumers.


Of global food supply is affected by mycotoxins


Tons of food are lost globally every year


Liver cancer cases annually

Therefore, the technology developed by Bio sens can prevent:

  • Large crop losses
  • Food losses during storage in elevators or transportation
  • Reduce the risk of spreading mycotoxins with food
  • Minimize the risk of chronic diseases

Our task

Working with Bio sens, we went through several stages of research, design, and redesign of all their products. Our main task was to provide them with modern design solutions and approaches. And the main thing is to create simple interfaces, which are based on one design system.

The main goals

In this collaboration, we performed only the design part of the global process. Working with their developers, we defined the following main goals:

  • One common design system for all applications
  • Online data access
  • Accurate results directly in the field


Device menu

The portable Bio sens device for conducting tests has its touchscreen and can work autonomously without mobile phone help. Our task was to design the main menu to help users calibrate the device and perform tests directly in the field.

Performing the test is a difficult procedure that must be performed in the correct sequence. So the main idea was to implement the stages of the test in a step-by-step menu with all possible tips and alerts to avoid mistakes by users.


User flows


Unique screens


Design elements


It is necessary to go through the ideating, wireframing, and prototyping stages several times to check the main hypotheses and ideas. As a result, we got clear user flows and designed the current version of the device menu based on them.

Work with such products does not end with the transfer of design specifications and assets. There will be many more iterations of field tests and finding better user-centered solutions in the future.

Mobile app

Bio sens mobile application connects your phone to a portable device and allows you to perform tests and store data without the Internet.

  • Reports of tests performed with exact coordinates on a map
  • Processing of analytical data
  • Data storage and archive
  • Transfer data to the web application

Our main task was to make complex data as clear as possible for the mass user. Therefore, the structure and visualization of test results required our special attention. At the same time, it was necessary to preserve the principles of creating and step-by-step conducting tests.


User flows


Unique screens


Design elements

The links will become active as soon as the application becomes available in the markets.

From prototype to application.

During the development of the mobile application, we went through several complete cycles from prototype to design. We have developed a system for storing and archiving data, created step-by-step instructions for conducting tests in the field, developed a user cabinet, and analyzing tests data system.

The development of the mobile app is based on generally accepted standard guidelines. But we tried to develop UI of the elements following the design system developed for the web service.

Web app

The bio-sense web service includes all the analytical functionality of the mobile application and expands its capabilities. It is designed to perform a detailed assessment of changes based on data collected in the fields.


User flows


Unique screens


Design elements

After receiving field test data, the system generates charts and reports that will help to predict the dynamics of mycotoxin spreading.


User experience is a key factor in application development. We continue to prototype and test new units and functions, but the main analytical unit is ready and will be available soon. The simple and clear interface of the web app allows you to find the necessary information easily and quickly.

The system allows you to get the results of tests and compare them with similar ones for other periods. You can also group tests by various criteria to assess risks and make predictions, and use the reports on the map to see the dynamics of change over time.


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